Friday, May 17, 2013

Google Translate

I follow a *lot* of costuming and seamstress blogs (some tailor blogs too, since there doesn’t seems to be a unisex word for it).  I love watching other people make things, and learn quite a bit about difficult projects or time periods before I start working with them.
One of the blogs I follow is in French.  Thanks to Google translate, I can usually suss out what she means, and she always has pictures up to give me reference.
Sometimes though, I think Google translate has been sneaking cooking sherry from the pantry.  This post, for instance, on why white corsets could really only be afforded by the upper class in the late 1800’s: 
"Do not forget also that only the rich could afford to keep the white hotlines. They could afford to replace quite often look tired rooms. And black becomes economical for the middle classes (some uniforms were black, and it is not for nothing)."

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