Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Follow up on a Sneak Peek

Back in *coughcough* I posted a sneak peak of a hat I was making for one of the wenches at OKRF.  I just struck me that I never posted a follow up showing the finished hat.  Bad Blogger!  Bad!
Her old hat (the last picture, with all the feathers) finally gave up after four or five seasons.  I made the new one with a plastic base, rather than buckram, as I have found it to be sturdier and far more resilient in inclement weather.  It also got heavier wire to help it hold up to the abuses of Renaissance Festivals.
The second and third pictures show close-ups of the detailing I put into my hats.  The fine binding with no visible stitching, and the hand stitching of the lining.

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