Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates and Goings On

Updates and Goings On

Phew!  The Holidays are always a giant jumbled mess.  This year I left on a family vacation to spend some time with a far flung sibling, and several closer relatives I don’t see very often either.  I come from a very dynamic family, so confining us to any small area is a recipe for hilarity and disaster.  Fortunately, as the brood is now all fully grown, the disaster can be seen and diverted.  Mostly.

Though, my sister is probably very glad she moved far, far away.

Her expression says all you need to know about this moment.

See more about the vacation and new inspiration after the break.

On the plus side, we spent a few days at Disney World! 

I am such a sucker.  Driving through the gate really did feel magical.

I was raised on Disney movies, so even as an adult I’m a sucker for the Magic of Disney.  Word of advice though, if you love roller coasters, go to Disney World with other people who love roller coasters.  They’re no fun to ride alone.

I got to hang out with some crazy characters, see a LOT of character actors, and get some close ups of amazing costumes.

From the entrance to the Haunted Mansion.
The Evil Stepmother was PERFECT!  She could do scorn like no one else.
A dress from Shakespeare in Love

It was a trip full of amazing new experiences, including swimming with manatees and going indoor skydiving, which I literally cannot explain the awesomeness of.  The two minutes I spent in the air chamber were some of the most exciting moments of my life.  I would rather go indoor skydiving than eat tiramisu.  Even really good tiramisu.

In a wet suit, you have no secrets.

The vacation did get some creative juices flowing, so the next couple of months will see several new projects get made into reality, which I am very excited about.  No seriously, I’m about this excited.

I’ll be making several prototypes, which will be appearing in my Etsy shop over the next few months.  Soon after, they’ll be available for custom order through Etsy and my website.

Speaking of, I will also be finishing the re-work of my website,  This update will completely change the layout and add a ton of new content.  Sometime in the next couple of months I will be adding the ability to shop for custom items onto the site, so keep an eye out for that.

February will see the launch of a second Etsy shop, TwoCities Supplies.  In order to get the prices I do on a lot of my items, from coutil to feathers, I have to order my supplies in serious bulk.  Until I’m able to spend all of my time working on Two Cities clothing, I have more supplies than I can use.  Also, I have a stockpile of fabric that has been steadily growing since I was a teenager which I can’t possibly use all of in my lifetime.  The pieces I can bear to part with will be making an appearance as well.

I’m excited for the changes and awesome projects the next few months will bring!  I’ll keep you updated.

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