Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wha? of the Month - Torture Device

I come from a crafty family.  I don’t mean Doctor De Soto crafty (anyone else remember that book?), though I would call them clever.  No, I mean a family who makes things.  My grandmother Mildred, who I just called Gram, was an accomplished cross-stitcher and seamstress.  When she passed away my Aunt Judith (who taught me to sew) and my mother inherited her sewing supplies, some of which eventually passed to me.  This included fabric, trim, thread, sewing machines, and this.

What appears to be a weapons grade torture device.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates and Goings On

Updates and Goings On

Phew!  The Holidays are always a giant jumbled mess.  This year I left on a family vacation to spend some time with a far flung sibling, and several closer relatives I don’t see very often either.  I come from a very dynamic family, so confining us to any small area is a recipe for hilarity and disaster.  Fortunately, as the brood is now all fully grown, the disaster can be seen and diverted.  Mostly.

Though, my sister is probably very glad she moved far, far away.

Her expression says all you need to know about this moment.

See more about the vacation and new inspiration after the break.