Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Moving is Done!


It’s been a long haul, but the move is over!  As of 9pm on Sunday, TTC has a new residence in Norman, Oklahoma.

I promised updates, so here it is.  This is the room the studio was to move into.  It’s been largely un-touched since the last Billingsley child moved out, so it’s become the home for everything that had nowhere to go.

I took the pictures after we’d already started to move things.  It amazes me that even a neat room explodes the instant you try to move anything.

See more photos and exhausting work after the break.

If you look closely in the photos, you can see the original color in the room.  Though it looks white, it’s a light blue, with dark blue trim.  This room, many years ago, belonged to my sisters.  They painted it themselves at the grand ages of (approximately) 13 and 15.  Some of the paint, well, escaped where it was supposed to be.

My father installed a TON of custom shelves into the room several years ago.  I love them, but they have to come down to paint the walls.

In case anyone is curious, shelves are an attractive way to decorate a room (I’ve always believed in decorating with books) but when you take them down, it’s not pretty.  Especially if molly bolts had to be used to put them up.

With the custom shelves down, I next took down the shelves across the room.  I’m about to take down the adjustable brackets for them.


The room is painted!  Being oh-dear-lord-my-eyes bright out, it was hard for me to take a good picture (especially with a phone), but you can see the white trim and green walls.  The paint job looks amazing!

Also on exhibit in the photo is the drafting table, which was the only piece of furniture to stay in the room.  Generously loaned from the parents, since they no longer need two drafting tables, this is where I’ll be drafting my custom fit items.

I don’t know when the camera decided to make the room look like a Borg regeneration chamber, but at least Seven of Nine will have a pretty shelf put back up over the window.

The custom shelves had to be moved across the room, which meant far more work than I’d originally anticipated.  Shelves should be screwed into the studs along the wall, and I forgot before making the decision to move them that studs aren’t located in the same place on every wall.

My father doing the dirty work.  I got to take down all the shelves, so couldn’t deny him the joy of using his power drill.

New light switch!  Twice the cost, but five times the fun!  At least, I thought it was pretty.  Even if we installed it upside down the first time.  That’ll throw you when you turn the power back on, and nothing happens.

We pulled off the old (probably original) power outlets, and replaced them with ones that match the trim.  I had my father show me how the first time, so I didn’t wire them to explode the circuit breaker or burn down the house.

Fun Fact 1 – Fabric only *seems* light
Fun Fact 2 – Don’t pack a box with all your metal findings.  A grommet weighs nothing.  5,000 grommets, rivets, buttons, and dies weighs more than you should put in a box.
Fun Fact 3 – If you reuse boxes rather than throwing them away, make sure you cross out the old label before sealing the box.  It’ll save a lot of confusion when boxes are opened.

*wipes sweat off brow*

Now, for the UNPACKING!

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