Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Cities is Moving!

Tailor of Two Cities is moving!

Since TTC is a home grown business, it goes where I go.  Being a mid twenties professional (note to self, do an into to the seamstress blog) I have to make some pretty tough choices about what I want and where I’m going.

Things I want: a house.  Houses mean many things to me.  Security.  Stability.  A chance to shock the neighborhood by painting the house an outrageous color.  You know, all the good things in life.

I want a house that makes me happy to look at.  I'm thinking orange.

When I started looking into houses, I realized mortgage payments on a house a smidge bigger than my apartment would be roughly equitable to my rent, and was quite doable.  The down payment however, was not.

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Some quick math told me, with frugal living and my current day job, I could afford a down payment in about ten years.  I was aghast.

So I turned to the two people I knew would have sound financial advice.  My parents.
We went over my income, expenses, the business I’m building, my plans, and even looked into first time homebuyer programs.  My original ascertains weren’t far off, even with homebuyer programs that would bring the down payment down.  Then they offered something I didn’t expect.  They asked if I would like to move in.

I would pay them rent, which would help with household costs and their retirement, and have a chance to save faster for my own home.  The cincher was when they offered me space for my studio that’s bigger than the one I have now.

So, I’ll be packing up my grommet setter, tucking away the sewing machine, and putting my projects on hold.  It should take about four weeks to pack, move and unpack.  No fears though, the studio will be unpacked first!


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